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Life in Korea
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Life in Korea - Sports
  - Danjeon   - Taekkyon   - Taekwondo   - Golf   - Horseback riding

What is Taekkyon?
Taekkyon is a Korean open-handed martial art. It is referred to as
"Subak" or "Subakhee" in Chinese, and as "Taekkyon" in Korean.
Colloquially, it is referred to as "Gakhee" literally meaning the "game of
kicking to knock down." Mainly, the object is to kick the legs of one's
opponent or knock them with the hands. However, the face can be kicked
as well to win, and the hands can be freely used.

Designated a major cultural treasure no. 76 in 1983, it widely spread as
a national sport in the 1990s and was finally recognized as a specialty
sport by the Korean Sports Council in 2001. Taekkyon associations have
sprung up in the United States, Canada, and Europe as the sport has
spread overseas.

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