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Life in Korea
 * Accommodation
 * Garbage Disposal
 * Driving
 * Communication
 * Transportation
 * Medical Services
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Life in Korea - Accommodation
  - Residential facilities   - Moving   - Business centers
  - Office rentals   - Purchasing and renting a house   - Types of residence
  - Electricity Power Service   - Residential space rental to foreigners  

  • Water supply :
  •   Tap water is adequate for drinking, but filtration equipment or bottled water is also available. Charges are
      made according to the user (i.e., business or residential users). The average amount used by a household
      in Seoul per month costs 3,380 won. For any inconvenience related to the water supply, you can report it to
      your local waterworks offices or dial 121. Hot water; see Gas (LNG)

  • Electricity :
  •   Different rates are charged for business and residential users. In Seoul, an average household consumes
      263 kw per month for a charge of 25,000 won. Any inconvenience related to the supply of electricity should be
      reported by dialing 123. Presently, the voltage used is 220V / 60hz, and requires a "two parallel prong
      - French type" plug.

  • Gas (LNG) :
  •   Petroleum and gas are used for heating and cooking in most areas of Seoul. If you want to connect your utilities
      to the gas system, contact a real estate agency for assistance.Note : Hot water for domestic use, 'on-dol' radiant
      floor heating, and air conditioning, all generally use LNG gas.

  • Telephone :
  •   LG Telecom hand phone service information is available by visiting Seoul Global Center (SGC). Land-line
      telephone service information is available from Korea Telecom (KT) by calling 100, Ext.#8. You can expect
      to pay 60,000 won for installation and a monthly basic charge of 5,200 won.

  • High Speed Internet :
  •   There are three major companies offering internet services: KT Megapass (tel : 100, toll free from a land-line)
      and Hana Fos (tel : 106). Initial cost of installation is 30,000 won and monthlyservice charges range from
      25,000 to 30,000 won

  • Satellite TV :
  •   Skylife is a representative satellite provider in Korea. A foreigner can sign up for Skylife services by calling
      1588-3002. For English, send an email request to english@skylife.co.kr. To watch satellite programs you
      need an antenna, receiver, smart card and remote controls. The Skylife staff will install this equipment.
      Monthly rates vary depending on contract length and package selected.
      For further assistance please contact the Seoul Global Center (SGC) at 02-1688-0120.

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