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Self-Support Programs

Self-support programs are programs supporting rehabilitation for beneficiaries ofbasic living security aid and the working poor. The programs include finding workopportunities, connecting jobseekers with jobs and supporting asset development.

  • Program names as are follows: Working for Rehabilitation (providing a work opportunity) and Bank Account ofHope (support for asset development)

01 Qualifications

Those who meet the three conditions below are eligible for self-support programs.

  • (Self-support working) A beneficiary of national basic living security benefits, or quasi-poor classwhose income level is below 50 % of the median income
  • (Bank Account of Hope I) A household receiving livelihood or medical aid that has a total householdworking (business) income at or over 60% of the 40% of the standard median income
  • (Bank Account of Hope II) A household receiving housing or education aid whose total householdworking (business) income level is below 50% of the standard median income or quasi-poor class
  • (Bank Account of Hope for Youth) A young person (age 15 ~ 39) receiving livelihood aid with anypersonal working (business) income

02 Terms of Support

  • (Self-support working) A recipient can participate in self-support working for 5 or 8 hours a day for fivedays a week and receive self-support payment of 28,810~56,110 won (including actual expense) a day.
  • (Bank Account of Hope I) A household with livelihood/medical aid in a market saves a certainamount of money monthly (50,000 or 100,000 won). Then, when they no longer receive therelevant aid within three years, a labor income bonus is paid (this will vary depending on thehousehold income)
  • (Bank Account of Hope II) If a household with housing/ education aid in a market saves a certainamount of money monthly (100,000 won), and maintains the amount for three years (completion oftraining and case management), a labor income bonus is paid (1:1 matching to the amount of thesavings (since July 2014)
  • (Bank Account of Hope for Youth) When a young person receiving livelihood aid working in theopen market comes from a household receiving livelihood aid within 3 years, earned incomededuction cost (fixed amount of 100,000 won) and and earned income grant (graded support byincome) are provided.

03 How to Apply

  • For more information, visit or contact a eup/myeon/dong community service center and consult witha government official in charge of social welfare.
    • New Growing Hope Bank Accounts ( l, ll, Youth) can only be opened during the offering period.
  • A government official will determine your eligibility.
  • You will be informed if you are eligible.
  • If you are eligible, a job center will recommend a job opportunity for you after completing a consultation.
  • You can visit a nearby community service center (eup, myeon, dong), call a public official in chargeof social welfare, or call the Health and Welfare Call Center (☎129) to set up an appointment forcounseling.
  • Submit application
    at eup/myeon/dong office
  • Government official determines applicant’s eligibility
  • Application is accepted
    or rejected
본 저작물은 '한국건강가정진흥원'에서 '2020년' 작성하여 공공누리 제4유형으로 개방한 '한국생활가이드북'을 이용하였으며, 해당 저작물은 '한국건강가정진흥원,' 에서 무료로 다운받으실 수 있습니다.