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Guide for Living in Korea


I would like to get help adapting to life in Korea!
For multicultural families who are having difficulties adapting to Korea, 228 multiculturalfamily support centers provide family education, counseling, and language and culturalprograms. Among the programs (integrated education for multicultural families, careereducation, counseling, etc.) and visiting education services offered by multiculturalfamily support centers, Korean language education service and education services forparents are offered tuition-free. Services for children are operated on a charged basis,under an income-based contribution program. For details, please contact your nearestmulticultural family support center.
(Inquiry: Danuri Helpline ☎1577-1366)
I would like to use an online legal counseling service. Can I get help?
Danuri Helpline (the comprehensive information call center for multicultural families, ☎1577-1366) provides online legal counseling services in cooperation with the KoreanBar Association. It also provides counseling and emergency support services for peoplein crisis, diverse information services for life in Korea, interpretation services andthree-party calling services in 13 languages ((Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese,Tagalog (the Philippines), Khmer (Cambodia), Mongolian, Russian, Japanese, Thai, Lao,Uzbek and Nepali languages)). Save ☎1577-1366 in your phonebook, and enjoy theconvenience of the Danuri Helpline.
I would like a one-stop information service for multicultural family support!
There is a one-stop information service for multicultural families andmarried immigrants. The portal “Danuri” provides timely multicultural news,information about multicultural family support centers and living informationin 13 languages, in partnership with organizations related to multiculturalsupport. Visit Add it to your favorites for moreconvenient access to Danuri services
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I would like to raise my child to be bilingual!
A child will grow up bilingual and be emotionally closer to their mother if theyare naturally exposed to their mother’s language. By creating an environment ofcommunication in two languages at home, multicultural children can develop theiridentities and grow to become more globally minded. A bilingual family environmentcreation program and an education program for parents are operated at multiculturalfamily support centers. For details, contact your nearest multicultural family supportcenter. (Inquiry: Danuri Helpline ☎1577-1366)
Are there any organizations that support the children ofmarried immigrants and children in multicultural families?
Yes, there is an organization that supports the children of immigrants. Rainbow YouthCenter operates various programs for children of immigrants between the ages of 9and 24 in cooperation with local organizations. The Center provides information onimmigration, settlement in Korea, education, career and jobs and life in Korea, andoperates counseling and psychological therapy projects. For customized informationservices, call ☎ 02-733-7587.
I would like to get job-related information!
To help married immigrants more stably settle in and adapt to Korea, Saeil Center (NewJob Center for Women, ☎1544-1199) provides internship and job training programs.The employment success package supported by the Ministry of Employment andLabor (☎1350, helps married immigrants to be successful in their jobsearch by providing diverse job information. For details, visit the Danuri portal (
What services are available for pregnant women?
All pregnant women (including married immigrants) can access free healthcare servicesat public health centers. They can get free prenatal examinations and receive folate andiron depending on their stage of pregnancy if they register with public health centers.Visit your nearest public health center, and ask for details about the services andeducation programs available for pregnant women.
I would like to learn about the health insurance program!
Korea operates a national health insurance program. Under the program, residents paya fixed insurance premium on a monthly basis, according to their income level and thevalue of their property. When you subscribe to the health insurance program, you canuse medical organizations at a low cost when you are sick or expecting. For detailedinformation about insurance premiums, qualifications for subscription and benefits,contact the National Health Insurance Service (☎1577-1000) or the foreign language(English, Chinese, and Vietnamese) call center (☎033-811-2000).
I would like to learn about the special housing supplyprogram for multicultural families!
There is a program that provides multicultural families with housing support. Under thisprogram, multicultural families may be able to get a house without competing with ordinaryKorean applicants. Any member of a multicultural family who has lived with his or herspouse for three years or more may apply for the program, but according to Article 2 of theMulticultural Family Support Act, none of the family members can already own a house.In addition, the applicant must open a housing application account and make a minimumof six deposits. For public announcements on house sales, please visit the websites of localgovernments (cities, guns or gus) or the website of apt2you (
본 저작물은 '한국건강가정진흥원'에서 '2020년' 작성하여 공공누리 제4유형으로 개방한 '한국생활가이드북'을 이용하였으며, 해당 저작물은 '한국건강가정진흥원,' 에서 무료로 다운받으실 수 있습니다.