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Medical Benefit System

The medical benefit system aims to subsidize medical fees for citizens who cannot paymedical bills due to financial difficulty. Foreigners are not qualified for medical benefits,with the exception of specific cases outlined in the National Basic Living Security Act.When a person who qualifies for this assistance undergoes medical treatment due todisease, injury or childbirth, the government pays the hospital or clinic fee.

01 Qualifications

Recipients of medical care assistance signified in the National Basic Living Security Act (includingforeigners) are eligible for the medical allowance.

Primary RecipientsSecondary Recipients
Recipients of national basic living security (households unableto provide labor services), men of national merit, peopledeemed intangible cultural assets, defectors from NorthKorea, people who were active in the 18 democratizationmovement, adopted children (under 18 years old), thehomeless, etc.Recipients of the National Basic Livelihood SecuritySystem (families that have family members who are ableto work)

02 Fees to Be Charged to Recipients

Recipients will be charged a portion of the medical expenses when using medical institutions.

Fees to Be Charged to Recipients
ClassificationPrimary RecipientsSecondary Recipients
HospitalizationFree of charge10% of medical fees
Outpatient medical treatmentClinics (1,000 won), hospitals (1,500 won),
superior general hospital (2,000 won)
Clinics (1,000 won),
hospitals (15% of medical fees),
superior general hospital (15% of medical fees)
Pharmacies500 won (per prescription)500 won (per prescription)
  • For further information, please call the Health & Welfare Counseling Center at ☎129 or consult with an agentat the Social Welfare Division at your local eup/myeon/dong office.

03 Procedures of Medical Benefits

Applicants should first apply for medical benefits at their primary medical benefit organization before applying atsecondary medical benefit organizations and tertiary medical benefit organization (exceptions apply).

  • Pri-
    practitioners’ offices and
    public health centers
  • Request (Letter of medical benefit coverage request)Return (Return of referral for medical benefit)
  • Sec-
    Clinics and
    general hospitals
  • Request (Letter of medical benefit coverage request)Return (Return of referral for medical benefit)
  • Ter-
    Tertiary general hospitals
본 저작물은 '한국건강가정진흥원'에서 '2020년' 작성하여 공공누리 제4유형으로 개방한 '한국생활가이드북'을 이용하였으며, 해당 저작물은 '한국건강가정진흥원,' 에서 무료로 다운받으실 수 있습니다.