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Health Checkups

01 General Checkup

Carried out for early identification of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. andimprovement of lifestyle.

  • Subjects: employee subscribers, householder local subscribers, household members aged over 20 anddependents (Every 2 years, annually for non-office workers who are employee subscribers)
    • Medical aid beneficiaries: persons aged between 19 and 64(over 66 years old will get medical care lifetimetransition period checkup)
  • Checkup items: common items and items per gender/age
  • (Common items) examination and counseling, physical measurement, vision/hearing test, chest X-ray,blood test, urine test, oral checkup
  • (Items per gender/age) dyslipidemia, hepatitis B antigen/antibody, bone density check, cognitive impairment, mental health checkup, lifestyle assessment, physical function for the elderly, and dental plaque with changes in ages
    • People who are suspected of having high blood pressure or diabetes or tuberculosis after a checkup can get diagnosis and test at a nearest hospital without any personal payment until January of the following year.

02 Cancer Checkup

Screening for the six most common cancers in Korea that can be treated if detected early

  • Tested cancers and ages : stomach cancer (over 40, every 2 years), colorectal cancer (over 50, everyyear), breast cancer (over 40, every 2 years), cervical cancer (over 20, every 2 years), liver cancer (over40 with a high risk, every 6 months), lung cancer (54~74 with high risk, every 2 years)
    • Deferment in cancer checkup for 5 years for recipients of fee exemption for the six most common cancers andthose who have had colonoscopy with the national health checkup

03 Infant Health Checkup

All necessary examinations for the healthy growth and development of babies along with education for guardians

  • Subjects: Infants and children 6 years or below (14 days after birth ~less than 71 months)
    • New establishment of health checkup for infants within 14 days of birth~35 days… Executed from Jan. 1, 2021
  • Checkup items: examination, physical measurement, developmental evaluation, counseling, health education, and oral checkup

04 Youth Health Checkup Outside School

Provides regular health checkups for students who do not attend school to help them grow healthy

  • Subjects: Youth aged 9 ~ 18 years who do not attend school
    • Among students aged 19 who do not attend school, examination can be offered if not overlapping with the national health checkup
  • Checkup items: counseling, examination, physical measurement, blood test, and basic checkup and selective checkup such as oral checkup
    • People who are suspected of having high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, dyslipidemia, hepatitis C, or syphilis after a checkup will receive another test for definite diagnosis.

05 Health Checkup Period

  • Until Dec. 31 of the current year
    Until Jan. 31 of the following year for tests for definite diagnosis or 2nd examination (for stomach cancer and colorectal cancer) and follow-up care for lung cancer
    • Infant health checkup is conducted 8 times according to the time of birth (14 days after birth to 71 months)

06 Expenses

  • General health checkup, checkup for definite diagnosis, and infant health checkup > no additionalcost for patient
  • Youth Health Checkup for Outside School > no additional cost for patient (government subsidy)
  • Cancer checkup > 10% paid by patient (no additional cost for recipients of national cancer aid,recipients of medical care assistance, and for cervical cancer and colorectal cancer
Health Checkups Health Checkup Procedure
  • Health checkup of subjects
    • Check the screening event and item stated on the screening chart sent to thosesubject to health checkup by the corporation
  • Appointment and visiting the health screening agency
    • Schedule your checkup at any authorized hospital regardless of the area you areresiding in. Bring your ID and health checkup letter
  • Notification of the checkup result
    • The screening result will be sent to the examinee by the screening agency
  • Up to 30% of people discover diseases through health checkups.
  • As medical checkup institutions are busy at the end of the year, it is advisable to bookyour checkup in advance.

Contact : National Health Insurance Corporation Customer Center ☎1577-1000

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