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International Youth Exchange (Support for Participation of Multicultural Families)

To promote international partnerships and foster global leaders through youth exchange, the government of Korea provides the youth with various international activities and encourages multicultural families to participate in these activities.

01 Overview of International Exchange Programs

Overview of International Exchange Programs
International Youth ExchangeYouth ages 16-243 daysImproving the ability of Korean youth to understand foreign cultures through exchanges with youth from contracted countries through online cultural exchange, discussion, and joint project execution and presentation
Overseas Youth Volunteer Group
‘Drift into Dreams and Love’
Youth ages 15-243~5 months
  • Differ by agency
Helping realize the potential of youth and reinforce their global competencies through overseas volunteer activities
International Conference & Event Participation Group
‘Encouraging Youth to Become Global leaders’
Youth ages 15-24Around 3 days
  • Differ by conference
Acting as representatives of Korea at international conferences and conventions, including the 3rd Committee of the United Nations, and having discussions and exchanges with youth representatives from foreign countries

02 Preferential Treatment for Multicultural Families

  • Preferences are given to multicultural youth when selecting participants.
    • When participating in international youth exchanges, youths who apply to go to the countries of their parents will get additional points
  • Benefits
    • Encourage multicultural children to participate in international exchanges by providing financial support

03 How to Apply

  • Public announcement via the website
  • Apply at the recruitment notification
    • Add @Youth Exchange Center from KakaoTalk Channel
  • Subscribe to the International Youth Exchange Network ( and submit the online application
Useful Information
Support for children’s development for multicultural families

Support for children’s development for multicultural families contributes to healthy growth ofchildren and parent and children relationship by providing various programs to children in growthperiod such as identity recovery, sociality enhancement, leadership development, and careerexperience. In addition, the centers have established networks with relevant institutions in theregion to provide systematic and integrated services to the children and parents of multiculturalfamilies. Through these efforts, the Multicultural Family Support Center provides various services formulticultural children to grow to become talented members of the society that contributes to thenation’s competency.

Target :
School age children and parents of multicultural families, and immigrant youths, etc.
Relevant centers :
206 operating institutes of integrated services of the Healthy Family Support Center and the Multicultural Family Support Center
Main content
  • Program to promote a better relationship between parents and children : Self-identityestablishment, family counseling, parent education (parent role, communication skills with children,conflict management, etc.), family camp operation
  • Program to develop social skills : Diagnosis of social skills, youth club (self-help group), voluntaryworks, leadership camp, field activities, etc.
  • Program to design the future: Encouragement of motivation, aptitude test, career patheducation, career design, job experience activities, etc.
  • Program for support to overcome crisis: Counseling of youth, parents, and individuals,psychological and emotional treatment, art/music/play treatment
  • Regional community network: Connect with relevant institutions such as the youth counselingwelfare center, rainbow school, youth training center, youth support center outside the school, etc.
Main content

Healthy Family · Multicultural Family Support Center

  • Multicultural Family Support Center Advertisement for Participants
  • School Youth related institutes
  • Looking for Participants
  • Initial interview
  • General cases
    • Parent·child relationship enhancement program
    • Sociality development program
    • Future planning program
  • Crisis cases
    • Psychological · emotional treatment
  • Counseling & Welfare Center for Youth
    Rainbow School
    National Center for Youth
    Internet Addiction Treatment
    Youth Training Facilities
    Youth Support Center outside school
  • For more information, check at a nearby multicultural family support center, or search on the website ( ; Call 1577-1366 (Danuri Helpline) for inquiries.
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