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Use of Public Administration

01 Public Administrative Bodies

Main public administration offices include eup offices, myeon offices, dong community centers, cityoffices, gun offices and gu offices. These offices manage affairs related to the health and welfare oflocal residents, the management of public facilities, the issuance of certificates, and the registrationand recording of legal affairs. Eup offices, myeon offices and dong community centers operate a widerange of programs, including cultural lectures for local residents.
Document issuance services are also available at the automatic certificate issuance machines locatedat major subway stations; documents can also be received via the Minwon 24 website (,a government service portal. However, not every required certificate can be issued through theInternet or the automatic certificate issuance machine. If you need to have an official document issued,please check the requirements in advance.

02 Police Stations (☎112)

You can call 112 or visit a police station if you are a victim of fraud, violence, or burglary, are involvedin a traffic accident, or witness an accident or crime. At public phones, simply press the red emergencybutton and dial 112. Dial 112 without the area code when calling from a landline phone or a mobilephone.
When reporting a crime, you must do your best to accurately report the address, the name and thecontact information of the person reporting the crime (you) and the detailed circumstances of theevent. Giving information on the appearance, characteristics, and direction and method in which thecriminal got away will help police identify the suspect.

03 Fire Stations (☎119)

You can call 119 in emergency situations such as when there is a fire or someone is in need of anambulance. When calling from a public phone, simply press the red emergency button and dial 119.When calling from a landline or a mobile phone, dial 119 without the area code.
When reporting a fire, tell the dispatcher the location, floor, type of fire, and any useful landmarks.When reporting someone in need of emergency care, you will need to provide the person’s basicinformation. You should maintain contact with the 119 dispatcher until first responders arrive.

04 Post Offices

You can send letters or packages from post offices, which are located in all neighborhoods. Post officeshandle domestic postal services and international postal services, and also provide some bankingservices, such as bill payment. For quick international postal services, you can use EMS.

  • Postal service center : ☎ 1588-1300, ☎82-2-2108-9895 ((English available)
  • Banking service center : ☎ 1588-1900
  • Postal Service Headquarters :
  • Internet Post Office :

(1) Domestic Postal Services

Postal Delivery. Packages delivered through post office home delivery services generally reach theirdestination the day after they are posted, but may take longer in island or mountain areas. Servicecharges may vary by region. Additional charges are imposed if packages are heavier or larger thanstandard size.

  • Regular Mail Fees
Regular Mail Fees
ClassificationWeightPostal Charge
Standard Postal ServicesUp to 5gKRW 350
5g to 25gKRW 330
25g to 50gKRW 350
Non-PostalUp to 50gKRW 420
50kg to 1kgKRW 120 charged for each 50g
1kg to 2kgKRW 120 charged for each 200g
2kg to 6kgKRW 400 charged for each 1kg

(2) Post office home delivery

The post office parcel service provides a window parcel wherein customers personally apply at post office windows and a visit service that goes to the workplace or home upon application.

  • Mobile & Internet application: Post office App or (available 24 hours a day, all year round)
  • Phone application: ☎1588-1300
    (09:00~18:00 weekdays, not available on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
  • Fee Information
Window parcel (registration parcel): customers directly apply at a post office
Window parcel
Next-day delivery4,0004,5005,0006,0007,0008,0009,00012,000
JejuNext-day delivery6,5007,0007,5008,5009,50010,50012,50014,000
+2 days4,0004,5005,0006,0007,0008,0009,00012,000
Visit service: post office staff visits the workplace or home if customers (sender) apply
Visit service
Next-day delivery5,0008,00010,00013,000
JejuNext-day delivery7,50010,50012,50015,500
+2 days5,0008,00010,00013,000
  • Parcels typically arrive a day after they are sent. However, delivery to Jeju Island takes two days (D+2). (Special regions such as islands may differ)

(3) International Mail

International mail may be sent by air, sea, international express mail EMS, or EMS premium.
What is EMS? EMS enables the prompt and safe delivery of letters, documents, and goods up to30kg to more than 143 countries across the world. Letters, documents, L/C, books, checks of financialorganizations, product samples, and other commodities may be delivered through EMS. For somecountries, the package weight is limited to 20kg, including, Argentina and Bangladesh. As the deliveryof certain items is prohibited in some countries, please double-check postal regulations before sendingyour package.

For details regarding reception, customs clearance, shipment tracking, regulations by country, anddelivery- related guide, contact 1588-1300 or visit the post office EMS website ( or EMS premium website (

  • EMS Discount for Multicultural Families
    For early adaptation to Korea of foreigners and naturalized foreigners in multicultural families, the system supportsfees for international express mail services (EMS). When you ship parcels to family in your home country through EMS,you can get a discount on mailing fee submitting a document that verifies you are a member of a multicultural family.
    • Target for discount
    1. 1Individual who is specified as a “spouse of a citizen” or have a stay qualification of F-6-1, F-6-2, or F-6-3 on the Alien Registration Card
    2. 2Individual who can be verified as a marriage immigrant, or a marriage immigrant according to Article 2 Paragraph 2 of the Multicultural families support act
    3. 3A naturalized foreigner who can be verified by the resident’s registration card or a family relation certificate

(4) Banking Services

Banking Services
ClassificationBusiness daysBusiness hoursRemarks
Post Office banking channelsPublic serviceWeekdays09:00~16:30Closed on public holidays
*Installed within post offices
Weekdays09:00~18:00Closed on public holidays
24/7 servicesYear-round(Regular)
450 branches operate from
05:00-04:00 (23 hours)

05 Libraries

Libraries support the learning, cultural studies, and continuing education of local residents by providingfree access to diverse materials, including books and AV media. Most cities, guns and gus operatelibraries. For more information on your nearest library, contact the offices of your city, gun or gu.

Useful Information
The National Central Library (☎ 02-535-4142) is run directly by the State.
  • Hours of Operation : Archives: Monday through Sunday, 09:00 through 18:00(Night Libraries 18:00-22:00)
  • Closed: Second and Fourth Monday of every month, Holidays excluding Sundays, and other days approved by the President
  • With the exception of pens and notebooks, visitors must store personal belongings in lockers at the entrance of the library.
  • User registration (via website) → Application for an entrance card → Issuance of an entrance card → Entrance → Use of archives → Completion of use of materials → Returning of the card
  • Location: Subway: 10 minutes' walk from Exit No. 6, Seocho Subway Station, Subway Line No. 2, 15 minutes' walk from Exit No. 5, Express Bus Terminal Subway Station, Subway Line No. 3-7-9
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